Commercial Credit Underwriting

It takes a keen eye for detail to ensure the best decision is made in the credit approval process.  The underwriters at Enlighten Financial analyze a company’s financial statements and global cash flow to assist your team in making an accurate credit decision.  We apply stress testing in our approach to ensure credit is strong even when times are tough.

Credit Analysis

A clear understanding and analysis of your borrower’s financial position is the starting point of a potential long-term relationship.

Our experienced credit professionals cut through the financial statements to identify key drivers and dynamics within the statements to provide a thorough analysis of your borrower’s financial strength.

We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your borrower based upon the financial statements and other information provided. We will provide the insight you need to make an appropriate credit decision and incorporate a relevant credit structure.

Dedicated Services

Enlighten’s professionals are dedicated to credit risk management for financial institutions. We can utilize our proprietary underwriting worksheet or incorporate your existing methodology to efficiently and effectively deliver our services.

Strength of the Team

Enlighten’s credit professionals each bring almost 20 years of commercial banking, credit and credit administration experience to your institution. Each has exposure to hundreds of credit relationships annually to provide breadth and depth to our work. We work as your partner for effective credit underwriting.

Credit Underwriting

  • Experienced professionals
  • Flexible engagement structure
  • New credit opportunities
  • Annual reviews

Service Delivery

  • Remote service delivery
  • Utilization of our underwriting tools or
  • Remote access to your underwriting systems
  • Agreed-upon turn-around times

Needs Based

  • Long-term solution to enhance your team
  • Temporary solution to manage seasonal volumes
  • Provide support for employee turnover

Co-Sourced Analysis

  • Provide additional support for internal resources
  • Work independently or as a part of an internal team

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How our Commercial Credit Underwriting services have made a difference.

Challenge #1

A financial institution maintained a limited credit team, may have had a temporary reduction in underwriting capacity or utilized loan officers to underwrite and analyze loan opportunities, which reduced independence in the loan underwriting process and utilized a high-cost resource for a lower-cost process.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial provided a customized credit underwriting and analysis process structured to meet the unique goals of the organization.  Our team of highly trained credit analysts and risk management professionals provided the information necessary for the organization to make well-informed credit decisions while delivering the services in a flexible, cost-effective manner.  Enlighten could be used as a full-time credit function or as a variable function for a specific industry, loan size, or overflow.

Challenge #2

The financial institution’s current credit team may not have had the level of experience necessary to consistently identify risk in the credit underwriting process.  Their knowledge base may have been the result of limited experience within specific industries or the result of a newly formed credit department or recently hired analysts.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial’s team of risk management professionals reviewed the credit analysis performed by the organization, providing valuable independent feedback on areas of potential improvement.  The process worked to provide the organization with a better underwriting product while providing real-life training opportunities for the analysts.

Challenge #3

The financial institution’s annual reviews were behind schedule due to limited resources in the credit department and prioritization of new loan opportunities and renewals.  As a result, the organization’s annual review program was behind schedule and at risk of being out of compliance with loan policy and the risk management practices required by the board of directors.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial’s team of credit professionals provided underwriting and analysis services in the annual review process of the bank.  The process helped to identify areas of concern in the loan portfolio and maintains compliance with the organization’s loan policy and risk management practices.