Due Diligence

Our approach to due diligence will provide you with critical insight into the target loan portfolio.  Our process is efficient and effective to provide you the information you need to make strategic decisions regarding the acquisition of a loan portfolio.

Due Diligence

An acquisition opportunity includes many significant decision points along way. Information needs to be quickly and confidentially analyzed to assist with the decision making process. Enlighten Financial provides both extensive experience with credit and loan portfolio and due diligence to be that critical resource for your management team.

Trusted Advisers

We have the knowledge and experience to work with your management team to provide insight and recommendations into the nature of the scope and depth of the review necessary to provide the information necessary to assist with an acquisition decision.


We understand our customers do not like surprises. We will communicate with you frequently throughout the process to provide awareness of the progress and findings in the target loan portfolio. This communication allows our customers to evaluate the opportunity on a real-time basis.

Due Diligence

  • Buy-side acquisition assistance
  • Reverse due-diligence
  • Experience to provide the critical information you need
  • Provide efficient and timely findings and summary to management
  • On-site or remote reviews

Targeted Review

  • Focus on specific areas of the portfolio
  • Stratification of the loan portfolio to assist in the analysis
  • Assistance with review content and criteria

Co-Sourced Reviews

  • Provide additional support for internal resources
  • Work independently or as a part of an internal team

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How our Due Diligence services have made a difference.

Challenge #1

A financial institution was acquiring another financial institution or specific loan portfolio and needed to independently confirm the quality of the target loan portfolio, the nature of the underwriting and understand potential losses or areas of increased risk which could impact the purchase price or health of the loan portfolio.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial’s due diligence services worked on behalf of the acquiring financial institution, reviewing areas of risk in the target loan portfolio before the acquisition is complete.  The process was discreet, efficient and effective in identifying unknown loan grading concerns or estimated impairment.

Challenge #2

A financial institution was in the process of merging into a larger organization.  The board of directors wanted to ensure the existing loan portfolio of the larger organization was of sound credit, with risk ratings and potential losses appropriately identified.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial worked on behalf of the financial institution to provide reverse due diligence service for the institution being acquired.  The process provided independent feedback regarding the quality of the loan portfolio and credit administration process to provide the organization with necessary information to appropriately structure or price the transaction.  The process may have identified organizational cultural items that could impact the customer base of the institution being acquired.