Credit Administration Consulting

Our credit administration consulting services help financial institutions establish sound loan policies and approval processes that reduce risk and facilitate the desired credit culture of the financial institution.

Credit Administration

Effective credit administration policies and procedures are the life blood of a well-run, best-of-class financial institution. It is the attention to the detailed items from a new client application through the life of the loan that can clearly identify the high-performing institutions.

In this competitive market, you need to set yourself apart from competition. A well-run credit administration process can improve efficiency, profitability, and customer experience.

Our experienced credit professionals can assist your institution with the credit administration policies and procedures. We first work with your team to identify the challenges in the credit administration process. We then work with your team to develop tangible, meaningful solutions to bring about improvements. The solutions can vary from structure to policy to procedures.

We have the knowledge and experience to assist your team with industry standards and best practices for credit administration.

Dedicated Services

Enlighten’s professionals are dedicated to credit risk management for financial institutions.

Strength of the Team

Enlighten’s credit professionals each bring almost 20 years of commercial banking, credit and credit administration experience to your institution. These professionals work with dozens of institutions annually. This experience translates into value for your institution.

Credit Administration

  • Experienced professionals
  • Flexible engagement structure
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance profitability

Policies and Procedures

  • Review and provide recommendations for entire policy or specific components
  • Review and provide recommendations for existing documented procedures

Ownership in the Process

  • Engage key stakeholders in the process
  • Key stakeholders provide input into the process

Attention to Detail

  • Observation and interviews provide critical insight
  • Work plan to address all meaningful issues.

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How our Credit Administration Consulting services have made a difference.

Challenge #1

A financial institution was looking to test and independently verify the current risk rating model used in the process to risk rate commercial loan relationships.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial tested the current risk rating methodology output to the bank’s risk rating definitions and examiner expectations.  If appropriate, Enlighten Financial recommended changes in weightings, categories, or definitions as identified in the risk rating methodology to more closely align actual practices with loan policy and examiner expectations.

Challenge #2

A financial institution was looking to have its loan policy independently reviewed for consistency and updated based on best practices in the industry.  Bank management and the board of directors were looking for peace of mind that the organization’s loan policy met examiner expectations and industry standards.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial reviewed the organization’s current loan policy, making recommendations for potential changes based on industry standards as well as examiner expectations.  These recommendations were also based on our extensive experience identifying best practices employed by our customers.

Challenge #3

A financial institution was looking to train staff on a specific topic due to examiner feedback or changes in the industry.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial developed topic-specific training relevant to the organization to improve the team’s performance in meeting regulatory guidelines.  The result was improved assurance for conformity with examiner expectations and regulatory guidelines.