Consumer Loan Review

Consumer loan review is a mainstay of internal control of the loan portfolio. Periodic objective reviews of underwriting, approvals and policy adherence are essential to effective consumer and mortgage lending.

Risk Management

An effective loan review ensures consistent and accurate underwriting in line with policy. Enlighten provides experienced loan review professionals to help financial institution manage risk and maintain strong underwriting practices.

Dedicated Services

Enlighten services are dedicated to credit risk management for financial institutions. We utilize our proprietary review process to deliver our services efficiently and effectively.

Strength of Team

Enlighten consumer loan review professionals each bring nearly 20 years of consumer banking experience to your institution along with the current, real-time experience of working with our clients and the regulatory and other challenges they face. We work as your partner for continuous improvements within your policies and processes.

Loan Review

  • Experienced professionals
  • Flexible engagement structure
  • Essential risk management services
  • On-site or remote reviews

Targeted Review

  • Focus on specific areas of the portfolio
  • Flexibility to manage emerging risks in the portfolio

Co-Sourced Reviews

  • Provide additional support for internal resources
  • Work independently or as a part of an internal team

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How our Consumer Loan Review services have made a difference.

Challenge #1

Senior management wanted to ensure the organization’s consumer underwriting followed policy and procedures.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial’s consumer loan review services independently reviewed and assessed the financial institution’s consumer underwriting process, reviewed the analysis, calculations and supporting materials which determined the organization’s lending decision. The process identified potential concerns with current loans, identified deficiencies in the underwriting or loan approval process, and pinpointed areas for improvement in the ongoing consumer underwriting program.

Challenge #2

A financial institution wanted to ensure their process of requesting, collecting, and underwriting necessary financial information to support consumer loan transactions was sufficient and aligned with industry best practices.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial provided guidance and constructive feedback for their underwriting policies and procedures as they related to the collection and analysis of borrower financial information to support their capacity to repay the debt determination.  Enlighten also considered adherence to policy and Interagency Guidelines as it related to property valuations or other collateral to support the transaction. The client used this feedback to implement enhanced underwriting standards.