Commercial Loan Review

Our proprietary loan review services help financial institutions ensure compliance with loan policy and provide effective identification and management of credit risk within the loan portfolio.  Our team has worked with numerous financial institutions as a part of their overall risk management solution.

Risk Management

Commercial loan review is a mainstay of internal control of the loan portfolio. Periodic objective reviews of credit risk levels and risk management processes are essential to effective portfolio management.

An effective risk-identification process must respond to not only the obvious indicators of a problem, such as delinquency, but also must recognize more subtle warnings of conditions that may affect the ability of borrowers to repay on a timely basis.

Enlighten provides experienced loan review professionals to help financial institutions manage risk and maintain strong credit administration practices. This experience assists our clients in staying ahead of the ever-changing financial landscape and addressing potential problems early.

Dedicated Services

Enlighten services are dedicated to credit risk management for financial institutions. We utilize our proprietary review process to efficiently and effectively deliver our services.

Strength of the Team

Enlighten loan review professionals each bring almost 20 years of commercial banking, credit and credit administration experience to your institution along with the current, real-time experience of working with our clients and the regulatory and other challenges they face. We work as your partner for continuous improvements within your policies and processes.

Commercial Loan Review

  • Experienced professionals
  • Flexible engagement
  • Essential risk management
  • On-site or remote reviews

Targeted Review

  • Focus on specific areas of
    the portfolio
  • Flexibility to manage
    emerging risks in the

Co-Sourced Reviews

  • Provide additional support
    for internal resources
  • Work independently or as a
    part of an internal team

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How our Commercial Loan Review services have made a difference.

Challenge #1

The Senior management team or board of directors of a financial institution sought independent confirmation that loan policies and procedures were properly followed, and risk ratings were accurately assigned.

Enlighten Financial Solution

Enlighten Financial’s loan review services independently reviewed the organization’s processes and procedures, ensuring risk ratings were properly identified and assigned; credit underwriting was tested to confirm the organization had identified and mitigated risk in the underwriting process; a review was completed to ensure loan policy is followed appropriately, and industry best practices were identified to improve overall efficiencies while remaining proactive in the management of the loan portfolio.  This comprehensive process identified weaknesses before they became material to the organization’s financial performance or before they became larger challenges.  Our process may also have identified unknown issues for management to address.